Captains – Brian Berschback, Mark Fragel, Matt Jarboe, Mark Peppler, Andrew Vlasak

Coaches – Mike Mcleod, Rick Moore, Dick Schroeder, Steve Gilvert, Steve Stuckey, Dan Loria, Don Stukey, Greg Hasias, Rob Wozniak, Joe Drouin, John Todhunter

Players – Brendan Allar, Anthony Allor, Kevin Barry, Shane Boon, Daniel Brosnan, James Burns, Scott Cederwall, Robert Champion, Salvatore Ciaramitaro, Robert Crandall, Julian Danko, William Dickinson, Nicholas Fischer, Craig Friemuth, Matthew Garver, Christopher Getz, Brian Goodheart, Benjamin Grant, Kyle Hacias, Tanner Horsley, Thomas Jahnke, Daniel Keogh, Drew Dissalt, Jason Kline, George Kordas, Michael Kosiuk Jr, Thomas Krall, John Lindsley-Thayer, Paul Lochirco, George Mackenzie, Mathew Middleton, Taylor Morawski, Cameron Murg, Michael Naughton, Barry Novak, Michael O’Neill, Sean O’Sullivan, Douglas Orttenburger, Luke Parchment. Liam Parrent, Stephen Pawlowski, Martin Peters, Robert Pogue, Matthew Reynaert, Robert Rogers, Christopher Roosen, Haider Samhat, Matthew Santoro, John Sawicki, David Saylor, Jeffrey Schroeder, Kushtrim Shaqiri, Joseph Stelmark, Jarrett Svendsen, Jack Tocco 

Grosse Pointe South had not advanced to the playoffs in 11 years and expectations were not high for the 2000 squad.  Someone forgot to tell the players, however, as they gathered for pre-season practices.  There was a special bond built over the years in the schools and playgrounds in the Grosse Pointe community.  They felt they could make a showing – and they did.  The season started slow winning just two out of the first four games – losing to North in game four.  But then things started to click.  With a stingy defense and an opportunistic offense, the team went on to win four of the next five games and finish 6-3 to qualify for the playoffs.

They drew state powerhouse Kettering in the first round.  Kettering had seven Division I college recruits and a 9-0 record.  It was a nice run for South but surely the run was coming to an end.  How could they possibly stand up to such an awesome program?  The young men refused to be intimidated.  The defense played with a ferocity and discipline that held firm and the offense scored just enough to secure the win.  The game ended with and interception by Brian Berschback as Kettering was driving for a score deep in South territory with less than a minute to go in the game.  Final score:  19 – 14.

The next opponent was Sterling Heights whom they had lost to in the second game of the season.  Mike Mcleod, Head Coach, tells the story of the Sterling Heights coach telling him before the game that he had never coached a team in a district championship and wanted to know if he had any advice.  Mike replied, “Well, to get there you need to beat us.  Why don’t we wait until after the game and see who needs the advice?”  South went on to win the game 19 – 0 with a crushing defense that smothered Sterling Heights at every turn.

South eventually lost in the 3rd round of the district championships to the eventual state champions – Chippewa Valley.