Blue and Gold Game Interview

While volunteers fired up post-game burgers and hot dogs in the South Stadium Plaza, the Blue Devils kicked off the pre-season with the Blue and Gold games at South. Read the interview with JV coach Lou Ray as he has high hopes for the 2023 season.

What strategies did the team employ that worked particularly well?

Coach Lou Ray: Overall great job on both sides. JV is a little more challenged with numbers but everyone participated and played hard. The highlight of the game was Charlie taking it to the house on 34 Iowa. The team is struggling a bit with executing motions and maybe needs to be better conditioned. It is good to get some live action early so the team understands how much more we need to accomplish before the scrimmage and first game.

What strategies did the team employ that worked particularly well?

Coach Lou Ray: This is not really applicable we were trying to execute a set playlist that used 3 different formations.  Really need to see what we had at QB and running back.

Are there any players that stood out to you in terms of their performance today?

Coach Lou Ray: Charlie really showed he belonged up on JV.  Our two opposing team captains Aiden Wass and Ben Kocik really lead their squad to a hard-fought tie.

How would you describe the team’s cohesion and communication on the field during the game?

Coach Lou Ray: We have a relatively small team and they are pretty tight. Even though they are close neither side wanted to lose the game. Both wanted bragging rights. It will be fun to see them hit another team at the scrimmage.

What lessons can the team take away from this game, regardless of the outcome?

Coach Lou Ray: On the offensive side, we really needed to work on timing, play understanding, and motions. Defensively we were solid but our linebackers need to play more downhill, they need to be way more aggressive reading and attacking run plays.

How will the team’s performance in today’s game influence your approach to the next game?

Coach Lou Ray: With the addition of some key freshmen and some juniors, my hopes are very high for this team.  Our O line is a strength which always is a great thing in JV football.

We with the Freshmen and JV teams GOOD LUCK as they take on Port Huron at port Puron today!