Our Varsity Team

The 2023

Varsity Team

The GP South Varsity Football is known for their exceptional skill, teamwork, and unwavering dedication to the game. With a rich history and a tradition of excellence, this group of athletes represents Grosse Pointe South High School with pride. Led by a talented coaching staff, the team combines a strong work ethic with strategic play, creating a thrilling and competitive atmosphere on the field. Their commitment to excellence extends beyond the game, as they strive to be role models both on and off the field. 


Head Coach Chad Hepner with the Team Captains Josh Lemanski, Jack Kendall, Hunter Belanger and CJ Schervish

Our Varsity Coaches

Chad Hepner
Head Coach - VTrainerStrength Trainer
Joe Srebernak
Assistant Coach
Jeff Nyenhuis
Defensive CoordinatorDefensive Line Coach
Rob Wazniak
Assistant Coach
Bill Fleming
Coach - Wide Receivers
Cedar Rihani
Assistant Coach
Ray Filipek
Offensive CoordinatorOffensive Line Coach
Rod McCleod
Assistant Coach | Offensive Line
Athletic Trainer
Alex Davey
Strength Trainer
Alex Elkhoury
Strength Trainer

Code of Conduct

Mission Statement

The Grosse Pointe South “Blue Devil” Football Program exists to develop its members as students, athletes, and citizens; to prepare them to take their place as contributing members of our community. It is a comprehensive football program which not only emphasizes the skills required for football, but also the development of lifelong values through hard work, dedication, discipline and team work. This is based on a foundation of mutual respect among coaches, athletes, parents and officials. It serves as a positive and productive force for the school, community, and most importantly the student-athlete. Success will be achieved through preparation, execution and belief in our team and our program goals, and measured through the experiences and character of our young men.

The Big 11

  1. Participation in football is a privilege, not a right.
  2. Players must adhere to the Grosse Pointe Public Schools Athletic Code of Conduct.
  3. Players must at all times work to maintain high academic standards.
  4. Players must be disciplined and respectful and at all times represent the football program with PRIDE.
  5. Players must be dressed appropriately for the day’s events in South Football issued or approved team gear.
  6. Attendance and promptness at all practices and team events is mandatory.
  7. The use of controlled substances of any kind is prohibited.
  8. Hazing or bullying of any kind is prohibited.
  9. The use of profanity of any kind including in music or social media is prohibited.
  10. Proper care and use of team equipment is required.
  11. Follow through on your commitment: “Those who stay will be Champions” Lead, don’t follow!


The Grosse Pointe South football program and its coaches have an open door policy for the facilitation of communication. The football program maintains a website, email database, Facebook, Twitter & Remind accounts for the dissemination of information. Any questions or concerns by parents should be brought to the attention of the coach in question or the Head Coach directly. Please be advised that per GP South Athletic Department policy playing time, game strategy and/or other athletes will not be discussed. There shall be no communication between parents and coaches until 24 hours after a contest. No persons other than team members and staff are allowed on the field during practice or games without permission from the Head Coach. No one should attempt to contact players or coaches during games for any reason. In the case of an emergency contact the A.D. who will in turn notify the coaching staff.


Prohibited Substance Policy

The South football program adheres strictly to the GPPSS athletic code of conduct and South High School policies regarding prohibited substances. We have a zero tolerance policy and any athlete who deviates from the policy will be dealt with severely. The penalties are as follows: First offense: suspension from 20% of competitions during the current season (2 games); Second offense: suspension from 40% of competitions during the current season (4 games); Third offense: athlete will be barred from participation in athletics in the Grosse Pointe Public School system (death penalty).  During an athlete’s suspension from competition he will be required to attend and participate in every practice and undergo additional mandatory team penalties. Even in a situation where no school or district penalty is administered, a football program disciplinary action may be issued.



Practices are essential for proper conditioning, improvement of techniques, and acquisition of game plan strategies. Attendance and promptness at all practices and team events is mandatory. We practice or meet every day except Sunday and attendance is taken by the coaching staff. If an unexpected situation arises, players must contact either their position coach or the head coach prior to that event. If a player misses a practice for any reason, excused or otherwise, it is possible that the players playing time will be reduced. This includes the likelihood of a loss of a starting role in the subsequent game. This is not a disciplinary action, merely the consequence of missing valuable implementation and practice time. In the case of unexcused absence / tardy the following penalties will be issued. First offense: 1/2 game suspension. Second offense: 1 game suspension and for seniors, loss of privilege of walking across the gym on homecoming. Third offense: 2 game suspension and loss of varsity letter. Fourth offense: Separation from team for the remainder of the season. Note: Being late two times equals one unexcused absence, a player will be deemed unexcused if he does not contact his position coach, coordinator or the HC prior the scheduled event start time. This includes Saturday morning film / training sessions.


Athletes must act in a disciplined and respectful manner and at all times represent the football program with PRIDE. Members of the GP South Football Program are representing their team, coaches, school, parents and community. Any conduct that is unbecoming of the football program or casts a negative light on the team, program or school will be dealt with severely. This includes penalties up to but not limited to separation from the team. Remember that “your character is who you are when no one is looking.”



All members of the football program are required to maintain the highest possible academic standards. The Football Program’s policy for academic eligibility are that of the GPPSS and the MHSAA. To be deemed eligible for athletic participation during the season of a sport, the MHSAA requires that student athletes earned at least five (5) credit hours the previous semester and are passing at least five (5) credit hours the present semester. The Grosse Pointe Public School System, as a member of the MHSAA, abides by this eligibility standard. The GPPSS and the GP South Football Program encourage much higher academic achievement. Those athletes achieving a grade point of at least 3.0 during their season of competition are honored with All-Academic Awards. The Varsity team is also eligible for a Team Academic All-State Award.

Social Media

Appropriate and responsible use of social media is required at all times. All social media outlets that are directly owned and maintained by any team member must NOT contain any of the following: Profanity of any kind; language that is disrespectful to any individual or group; references to or imagery depicting weapons of any kind, which includes, but is not limited to, guns and knives; pornographic images or references to sexual activity; images that display drugs or alcohol; any references to gang-related activity; or images, displays of conduct, or references to any activity that violates any local, state or federal laws. Team members will not engage in any verbal altercations via social media with other schools, individual athletes, fans, and any other individual or organization that attempts to harass, intimidate, or provoke a confrontation. All team members must review their social media on a regular basis and immediately eliminate any posts or images that violate team rules. Social media accounts of all team members are subject to constant scrutiny and review by the coaching staff. Team members must eliminate any posts or images that the Head Coach deems necessary even if the post or image does not fall within the prohibited uses of social media listed in this policy. Any conduct displayed or promoted via social media that violates any of the Social Media Rules will result in disciplinary action, which includes, but is not limited to; suspension or dismissal from the team.



All injuries must be reported immediately to the position coach and injury protocol must be followed. Do not seek medical attention from anyone but certified sports medicine professionals. Except in unusual situations, do not seek outside medical attention prior to being seen by the GP South Athletic Trainer. Diagnosis, treatment, or any decision regarding injuries are to be made by the trainer or a sports medicine physician if referred by the trainer. Any athlete who seeks outside or emergency medical attention must bring written documentation from the attending physician before return to participation can be authorized. Regardless of the status of any injury or illness, player must still report to the trainer and to practice (on time) to be diagnosed and treated. A determination will be made at this time by the trainer and coaching staff as to the player’s requirement to either observe practice, or go home. 



You are responsible for all equipment issued. Keep all equipment as well as personal belongings secured at all times. Maintain your equipment in excellent condition and report damaged or lost equipment immediately to your position coach. Protective equipment that is required for football is provided by the program. Players must be legally dressed which means wearing the protective equipment required for the level of contact on a given day. Players must also be dressed in only GP South Football issued gear. A player who is deemed to be illegally equipped or “out of uniform” will be sent away to remedy the situation. Consequences will occur for all missed practice time due to equipment or uniform violations. The football program is not responsible for supplemental equipment obtained by the individual. No visible equipment shall be worn that is not a part of the team uniform or that is an apparent attempt to draw attention to an individual. This includes shoes that do not adhere to our policy (90% black). Equipment will be distributed for the varsity & JV will be on the Friday before football starts. The varsity athletes will receive their equipment in order of the off season training point’s results. The freshman will receive their gear on the first day of practice.


Varsity Letter

Because football is a no-cut sport, an athlete must exhibit commitment to their team and the program to earn a varsity letter. To be eligible to letter, an athlete must compete at the varsity level. Letters are awarded based on input from all the varsity coaches, but the final determination will be made by the head coach. Playing time and on field contributions are factored, but are not the chief requirement to letter. Other factors are adherence to the South Football and GPPSS Athlete’s code of conduct, attendance, teamwork, dedication and passion. If an athlete is in jeopardy of not earning his letter, he will be notified in advance and explained as to the rationale.