Even a loss tells a winning story.

The Blue Devils hit a rough patch early on, as Anchor Bay’s star player swiftly scored 21 points in the first half, slipping through their defense. But a crucial timeout changed the game. Not only did they score a touchdown just before halftime, but their defense locked down, keeping Anchor Bay from scoring again.

The turning point was those adjustments made during the timeout. And let’s not forget the outstanding tackles by Wyatt Hepner, Henry Domzalski, Lex Willson, Josh Lemanski, Sean DeGrand, Adam Czarnik, Noah Hunt, Phoenix Galliven, and Alex Rothis, which brought down Anchor Bay’s star player. There was also a remarkable sack by Sean DeGrand, some clutch punts by CJ Rosati, and a game-changing 35-yard touchdown pass from Jack Lupo to Karter Richards. The final score, 7-21, doesn’t tell the full story of the Blue Devils’ comeback. Well done and Go South!